Covid 19 Guidelines

Please ensure you are familiar with the governments guidelines.

We are following the risk assessment  / guidelines which have been developed by the pool management at Greetby Hill School Pool and added it to the existing NOP / EOPs.

  1. If you or your child or any members of your household are showing any symptoms of Covid 19 Please do not attend swimming lessons.  Please refer to the government guidelines above for further advice re self isolation etc.
  2. Please attend swimming lessons ‘beach ready’ which means have your costume on under your regular clothes or beach robe if weather permitting.
  3. All adults need to wear a face mask lessons whilst in the building except for actual swimming lessons.
  4. Please try and send a female to accompany and support your child during swimming lessons, it will be easy for us to use both changing rooms for female adults and the children changing.  Dads / males are very much welcome however you may have a slight wait on the poolside whilst our mum's are getting changed.  
  5. Only one parent per child, please do not bring other children to sit around the poolside if possible.
  6. Please enter the poolside via the double doors at the side of the building, you will be guided where to go from there.
  7. We have a one way system of movement which we will show you on your visit along with a peg system.
  8. Advice on entering the water will be given on the day, as  you will be asked to stay on the large open door side of the swimming pool for instructions
  9. Just for reference there are only small numbers in the pool, with a parent in, please stay in your allocated area during swimming lessons.   
  10. Please have armbands on blown up and ready to go.  Please try and bring your own armbands. 
  11. After you have got out the pool please try not to touch your face until out side of the building.  If you need to use a door handle please clean it after use there is cleaning items in the changing rooms.
  12. If any person in the pool or pool area becomes positively tested please contact Gail on 0744 913 5450 immediately.

If you have any question or concerns please do get in touch.  Thanks so much.