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Easy to Learn Swimming Lessons Unique Teaching Method.
 The Water Whisperer Featured on GMTV.

3 year old Chloe Roberts learned three strokes in just four courses and swam a quarter of a mile click on the image to watch her video below, Chloe appeared on TV due to her amazing results. When she was four she swam one mile also non-stop no armbands or support.  
See below just a few of our amazing pupils speedy results!   We have too many to list!  


Swimming Lessons for 2020 are in Southport on a Friday after school, Ormskirk on a Saturday from 11.00am onwards and Wigan on Sundays from 4.00pm. We have swimming classes for all ages and abilities from mum's & tots to advanced swimming lessons.  Gail is a specialist Mum's & Baby/Tots Swimming teacher in additions to having Advanced Swimming Teacher Qualifications.  Group lessons or privates available.  Need a fast track then please read more on our VIP one to one lessons where pupils like Macy Phillips learned all FOUR strokes in just four hours AND swam both a quarter of a mile and half a mile!
See Macy's video below!
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Get to know us

Chloe, in JUST 4 Group Courses...

Here is 3 year old Chloe showing us her amazing swimming styles! Don't forget Chloe also swam 1/4 of a mile whilst still three years old and one mile when she was four years old! Proof our courses are VERY easy to learn!  Chloe attended four courses for five weeks, so 20 lessons!

The Water Whisperer on GMTV!

Gail appeared on national TV when Jodie only four years old swam one mile non-stop.  When Jodie was three years old Jodie also swam 1/4 of a mile non-stop, no support and no armbands or flotation aids and Jodie could swim two strokes at three!

Macys - Four Hour VIP COurse!

Click on the video to see how much Macy learned on just four one hour lessons.  On her first lesson from a non-swimmer Macy learned a full stroke and swum 1/4 of a mile.  On her third lessons Macy swam 1/2 a mile, these distances were non-stop, no armbands or support!  Macy is one of our highest achievers on a four hour course.  Another example of how easy our learn to swim program really is!

Our Mums & BAby / toddler Nervous Pupil Classes.

Here's Alice & mum, Nicky.  Alice is one of our super baby swimmers and Alice loves her swimming lessons.  
Gail is a specialist mums and baby / toddler teacher.  These lessons are also great for nervous pupils they are structured different to our learning technique lessons.

About gail 

the water whisperer

Gail Rickett could swim when she was only three years old.  Gail loved the water and eventually went on to compete in galas and has continued with her athletic & competitive background.  Gail has taken her decades of experience as an athlete and swimming teacher and developed her own method of teaching a pupil to swim.  As you can see by the pupils featured here, which are certainly just a 'drop in the ocean,' of the thousands of pupils Gail has taught over the years who have achieved amazing results; all due to her easy to learn to swim program!