Patricia in four courses learned all four strokes and swam five miles non-stop!


Lessons are in Southport & Ormskirk after school and at weekends.
Group Lessons start at £11.00 per 30 mins.
One to Ones are £35.00 per 30 mins.
Please bear in mind, 3 year old Chloe featured on the site attended four courses in group lessons, where she learned three strokes and swam 1/4 of a  mile at still 3 years old.

One to Ones...
Some pupils learn a full stroke from a non-swimmer AND swim as far as a quarter of a mile non-stop during one lesson.

Photo: Patricia, her first one to one lesson.....
Patricia had NEVER tried to swim on her back and couldn't swim on her first lesson.  Within 11 minutes Gail had taught her a full stroke and Patricia swam 100 meters, if you 'google search,' 'How long does it take a pupil to learn a full stroke and swim 100 meters, you will find the answer as TWO YEARS, Gail has done it in 11 minutes and lost track of it under 30 minutes with hundreds of pupils over the years!  Patricia was such a fast learner she came close to learning two strokes from SCRATCH in just ONE 30 minute lesson.

After a few courses, Patricia went from a non swimmer to swimming FIVE MILES IN ONE ATTEMPT and she as featured on OTS News, Southport!   Patricia swam one mile, then three miles then five miles and learned all four strokes within a few course.....

5 year old Bella's Achievements in five 

courses - Bella Swam 2 miles non-stop!

Bella Dixon 5 years old swum two miles!
At only five years old and just five courses of swimming lessons Bella swum TWO MILES non-stop, no support or armbands and Bella learned all four strokes.  Bella achieved this in Gail's group lessons the same lessons Chloe Roberts took part in, the same lessons your child would take part in.

Bella is an amazing athlete she also competes in Taekwondo and trains five times a week in addition to her swimming training.   Bella is one young athlete to watch!